"Be A Guest At Your Own Party"®


Hostess Helper Pricing

Dining table at Hostess Helper, Inc. in Newton MA
-our pricing is an hourly rate, with a four hour minimum and includes transportation. After four hours you pay for each additional quarter hour. You are charged from time of arrival to time of departure. A helper will stay as long as is needed unless dismissed, enabling you to "Be A Guest At Your Own Party". A customary 15% gratuity is added to your bill. If you care to raise that amount for excellent service the choice is yours.
Prices are higher on holidays. To keep pace with inflation, price is subject to change without notice.
The current price schedule is:
Food Prep Helper
Culinary Manager
Captain of Waitstaff
Personal Chef
Barbecue Chef
Omelette Chef
Depending on choice of menu, style of dishes, type of event andnumber of guests the following should be a useful guide...
1-12 guests
13-34 guests
35-49 guests
50-64 guests
65-84 guests
85-99 guests
1 Hostess Helper
2 Hostess Helpers
3 Hostess Helpers
4 Hostess Helpers
5 Hostess Helpers
6 Hostess Helpers